Mesa Boogie Cabclone

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Mesa Boogie Cabclone

Gone are the days when you needed to mic up your cabinet to record your sound. Seamlessly integrate your favourite amp head into any live or recording setting with the Mesa Boogie CabClone 8 Ohm Cab Simulator. Get access to a variety of cab sounds to suit any playing style.

The Mesa Boogie Cab Sim also comes with an adjustable DI output level, ground/lift switch, and phase switch. These let you fine tune and optimise your signal for a wide variety of applications, systems, and setups. Its built-in amp load ensures the captured sound remains crisp and clear in any environment.

A great feature of the CabClone is the headphone output, letting you ''silently'' listen to your amp without disturbing anyone. This is perfect if you want to practice at home or late at night.      

  • Control: D.I. Level
  • Switches: Cab Sim Mode, Phase, Ground/Lift
  • Connections: Input, Thru, Balanced Direct Out, Line Out, Headphones Out
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms 
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