Hofner Master Series

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These master built classical guitars feature the build quality and craftsmanship of the Hofner master series at an unbeatable price. Handmade by our Master Luthiers in Germany. The solid mahogany body with a spruce top (F) gives a clear, even balanced tone. The cedar top (Z) gives percussive mid range, coupled with an explosive projection. These oustanding instruments feature a satin finish to aid response.

The HM65-Z has a solid cedar top for brighter tones and excellent projection. It is an excellent instrument for entry to the Hofner Master series of guitars.

Shape Classical guitar (Z-CE advanced classic cutaway)
  Wood Top Solid spruce AA+ (Z&Z-CE Solid cedar AA+)
  Soundhole  85mm diameter
  Bracing Advanced Hofner (Z-CE "Fusion" special bracing)
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